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About DIFS

Al Islami Financial Services (IFS) is now Dubai Islamic Financial Services (DIFS). The change in our corporate identity is a reflection of our heritage, and our endeavor to keep pace with a constantly changing, dynamic marketplace.

DIFS today looks to the future with a new, modern face. Bold, vibrant and confident, it reflects our progressive vision to provide you with innovative products and world class services. At the same time, the new identity reflects our commitment to our founding Islamic principles.

Dubai Islamic Financial Services (DIFS), a fully-owned subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), is a security trading company launched in 2001, with the aim to provide secure trading by applying Sharia principles in its brokerage services.

DIFS services are oriented towards all investors – those who are new to trading or even seasoned professionals. Anyone who seeks to build a short or long term diversified portfolio, without using expensive and complicated methods, will find DIFS services very user-friendly.

DIFS offers excellent services for share investing and funds diversification in long and short term investment plans. The simplest way for customers to invest, is to set up an account with DIFS, which will enable them to begin trading immediately.

DIFS enables customers to transact deals using our state-of-the-art Online Trading Portal or through our Call Centre.

Vision and Mission

Our objective is to be the leading provider of brokerage services, by making available the most innovative and advanced trading tools and systems, in keeping with the principles of Sharia laws.

Since inception, the DIFS mission is to provide customers with advanced and useful investment service, that will assist them in managing and growing their investment portfolio. It has the latest cutting edge financial technologies that are available to investors.

With DIFS services, investors have the convenience to trade anytime, anywhere. DIFS assists the investor in managing investments in simple methods in a direct and cost effective manner with the purpose to guide and assist.

Why Us ?

A heritage that speaks for us

Our parent company Dubai Islamic Bank, established in 1975, is the world’s first Islamic bank with over 3 decades of experience in financial markets. To add to that, our dedicated and experienced team is well versed in the field of trading and investment.

State-of-the-art technology

With our new Online Trading Portal and innovative services, we have the technological resources to make sure you have the best possible access to swift, easy and secure transactions.

Seamless trading

At DIFS, it is not necessary to deposit funds for executing your share purchase transactions. DIFS will utilize the money from the current bank account whenever you place a buy transaction. Simultaneously, the funds from your account are freely available for your regular transactions. This means that there are no separate or dedicated funds required for your trading.

Once a trading deal is transacted; DIFS credits the proceeds of the sales to your bank account on the same day. This means that there is no waiting period before you can withdraw your money, which is the case with other brokerage services.