TLS Security Requirements Update

This update will affect customers who are still using browsers that do not support the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol. The TLS 1.2 protocol is needed to maintain data security. Customers who continue to use non-supporting browsers will lose access to your DIFS website following the update

Non-supporting browsers are listed below along with instructions for testing the support of your own browser.

How do I know if I am affected?

Most browsers have supported TLS for at least the last few years. A comprehensive list of supported browsers is available here:

Which browsers are unsupported?

The following browsers (or older) DO NOT support TLS 1.2 and will no longer work after the update.

  • o Google Chrome 29
  • o Firefox 26
  • o Internet Explorer 10
  • o Safari 8
  • o iOS 4
  • o Android 42
  • How do I test support for my browser?

    Visit the following website:

  • A message stating, “Your user agent has good protocol support” should display. This indicates your browser will continue to work after the security update
  • If you do not see this message, please update your browser or install a newer supported browser